Can you name the only African American
founded national Christian television network?

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, broadcast entrepreneur and pastor of over 20 years, brings
God's diversity, spirit, and vision to Christian television with the IMPACT Network.

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Christian Television is so important to our world today because it gives us a Godly perspective on the various things happening in our everyday lives. There are various Christian Television networks out there, but none that speak directly to the needs, views and challenges that African Americans face on a daily basis in their Christian walk, until now!

A bold new move has taken place and a new frontier has begun! There is now a network that displays the diversity of God's people and speaks authentically to the needs of the whole man. Encompassing spiritual, physical, emotional and financial needs. This network is the largest Black-founded faith based network to date and spans across the nation. It's mission is to is to provide exceptional inspirational programming that positively Impacts and empowers the spirit, soul, and body of it's viewers. Through educational Christian-themed and family-oriented entertainment, It also endeavors to be the foremost innovative television network both locally and abroad.

God has given this vision and mission to Bishop Wayne T. Jackson a business and political leader, philanthropist, pastor, and broadcast entrepreneur. Bishop Wayne T. Jackson is an accomplished leader in all five of these arenas. Bishop Wayne T. Jackson is a tenacious and charismatic individual whose accomplishments have not only touched the spiritual sector, but has made significant impact in both the political and business arenas. With over 20 years of television experience, he is acquainted by millions who tune in to watch his weekly television program "Miracles Do Happen" which he is the host and executive producer it is the top rated show in its time slot. As a Broadcast entrepreneur, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson brings his innovative and cutting edge approach to The Impact Network.

As the senior Pastor of Great Faith Ministries Intl.' located in the city of Detroit, Bishop Jackson and his wife Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson, have devoted their lives to serving their congregation for over 20 years. During this time they have developed programs and resources to empower and transform the lives of those who have fallen on hard times. Politically, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson has been a trusted spiritual advisor and a frequent guest to the White House for over the past 2 decades. Because of his reputation, he has sat with prominent World Leaders, Presidents, Governors, Mayors, Councilmen & women and has been instrumental in the political landscape locally, nationally and internationally.

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson is also an experienced business leader in the city of Detroit. For over the past 20 years, he has owned and operated many businesses bringing jobs and revitalization to the local community. With Bishop Jackson's faith in God, spirit of excellence and high level of character and integrity, under his administration The Impact Network is destined for success for generations to come.
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